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ZCrypto Bot White Label Solution

As a server owner, investing in ZCrypto BOT’s White Label Solution isn’t just about acquiring a bot

it’s about unlocking a suite of powerful features designed to elevate your server’s presence and engagement within the crypto community.

With ZCrypto BOT, you gain the ability to offer your community a fully customizable and branded bot experience.

Imagine having the freedom to tailor every aspect of the bot to align seamlessly with your server’s unique identity and preferences.

From personalized commands to custom branding,

ZCrypto BOT’s White Label Solution empowers you to create a one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with your audience.

With features like real-time price monitoring, price alarms, TradingView charts, and more

Your community members will have access to valuable tools right at their fingertips, keeping them engaged and informed.

By investing in ZCrypto BOT’s White Label Solution, you’re not just purchasing a bot – you’re investing in the growth and success of your community, solidifying your position as a leader in the crypto space.

ZCrypto in Numbers:

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Empower Your Crypto Community with 15 Dynamic Commands!

🔹Watches the BTC, ETH , LTC and other Crypto prices every 20 secs
🔹Price Alarm reminder
🔹Support and resistance price alerts
🔹TradingView Charts with indicators
🔹TradingView IDEAS
🔹Crypto overall HEATMAP
🔹Coin/pair Indicators HEATMAP
🔹Gets the order blocks for any coin
🔹Does technical analysis and get indicators values
🔹Get Support and Resistance as TradingView Pinescript
🔹Gets the Top 20 Pumping coins at the moment
🔹Gets the Best DCA Configuration for your DCA BOTS
🔹Gets the Current price for all Top 10 Cryptocurrency
🔹Get the Fear and Greed index for Crypto
🔹Get Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Fuel Your Community

Full Brand Customization: Tailor the bot with your brand name, logo, and identity for a fully branded experience.

Dedicated Support: Access comprehensive support services to ensure smooth operation and address any queries or issues.

Free Updates: Enjoy regular updates and feature enhancements at no additional cost to keep your bot at the forefront of innovation.

Complete Control: Maintain control over bot settings, commands, and functionalities to align with your community’s preferences.

Enhanced Engagement: Engage community members with personalized features and a unique branded experience, driving higher participation and loyalty.

Advanced Monitoring: Monitor real-time crypto prices, set price alerts, and access trading indicators to empower informed decision-making.

Community Growth: Foster a thriving community and establish yourself as a leader in the crypto space with a customized bot tailored to your server’s needs.

6 Months

Full Price



Paid Yearly


How it works

Choose from our flexible subscription options: 6 month or yearly

While you are signing up , you will be asked to provide the following

  • Brand name
  • Server ID

Join our server from here ZCrypto Server and open a ticket to get help setting your bot up .

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